How Secure Payments works

Unilink Software’s Secure Payment Services works and works well!

However, we wouldn't be able to operate our service if it were not for the assistance and co-operation of Corrections Staff.

It takes a few minutes to sign up and once you receive your security code you can begin sending funds. Cost to send is calculated on the amount sent, for a more detailed breakdown of costs see our FAQ page here

Our sophisticated system allows you to enter the amount to be sent, press send and then sit back in the knowledge the funds will be delivered quickly, safely and securely to the establishment of your choice.

The payments are allocated to the Recipient’s account by the finance department at the establishment that afternoon or following morning, depending on how many payments have been received by that establishment on that particular day (excluding public holidays and weekends)


When you see Transferred to the Prison on your account under Transfer History, then you can be assured that the funds have been sent to the establishment.