Unilink Software to offer ‘joined up’ prison rehabilitation services through acquisition of Prison Technology Services

Unilink Software, the market leader in “Prisoner Self-Service” technologies, has acquired Prison Technology Services in a move which will enable enhanced family contact for prisoners, improving their chances of rehabilitation and reducing prison costs.

From January 2013, Unilink Software kiosks and in-cell devices will offer Prison Technology Services’ ‘email a prisoner’ and ‘secure payment functions’, alongside Unilink’s biometric prisoner self-service technology, in a number of private prisons.

Commenting, Francis Toye - Managing Director of Unilink Systems, said:

“What really attracted me to Prison Technology Services was their energy and enthusiasm. They have real expertise in the provision of prison services and this link-up has excellent synergies for both organisations. PTS has been phenomenally successful with over 90% of UK prisons using their services and, together with Unilink’s technology, we believe we can satisfy the competing demands of NOMS, prisoners and their families in future.”

Derek Jones, founder of Prison Technology Services, commented:

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Unilink; a company whose technology I have been extremely impressed with having seen its kiosks and handheld devices in action in prisons across the UK.”

“This partnership gives us a real opportunity to make a difference. By linking Prison Technology Services with Unilink we will not only be able to extend our services to a greater number of prisoners, aiding in their rehabilitation and resettlement, but we also hope to generate significant efficiency and cost savings for prison authorities.”