Customer Comments

Customer Comments

"After reading about the secure payment scheme I feel that all prisons should operate this system. If this operates and works anything like the email a prisoner scheme, which I think is brilliant for all concerned prisoners, staff, family and friends alike then then this should be considered and implemented in all prisons in the country.

The cost of sending cash by registered post ( which not all prisons accept, but some prefer) or postal order is substantial and a burden that many cannot afford and the latter takes quite some time to get to the prisoner account. Cheques apparently take up to six weeks to clear, which is outrageous, although cheap.

I hope to hear soon that more prisons will implement this service."

Name withheld

I love it, its fantastic
Quick to receive funds and also cheaper 
Amazing, fantastic and useful  


It’s fantastic, reliable and quick way to receive money. 
Reliable, convenient and secure. 


Terrific, you don’t have to wait for money to be sent, it is here pretty much straight away, cheaper for family members.


Prison staff comments:

As a company without a doubt we can say it has been the most seamless implementation of new processes that have improved our service to prisoners while allowing efficient processing. 

It is win-win all round.

Fulham Correctional Centre 

Reliable, fast and cost effective way of transferring funds. No more waiting for processing of money orders and attending centres to transfer money. Secure Payment services can be used at ones convenience and there are increasing number of users every day.

Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre