Frequently Asked Questions

How to transfer money to a recipient?

Once you Sign Up for an account and have completed the 100 point check or received your security code via post, you can send funds to a recipient in a participating location via this website.

A credit or debit card is required and once the transaction is successfully completed, your funds are electronically delivered to the establishment the next business day.

You can send funds from anywhere you like - home, work, library, an internet cafe even. Please note some IP addresses and locations may be blocked to ensure the security of our website.

How does my funds get to the recipient?

Once you have created an account and completed the identity checking processes, a payment can be made by adding your recipient’s details, specifying the amount you’d like to send and then paying with a bank issued debit or credit card (MasterCard or VISA) via the payment provider.

Funds are sent to the establishment the next business day and a record of the payment is sent directly to the establishment itself for allocation to your recipient.

How quickly will my money get there?

The funds will be processed by Secure Payment Services and transferred to the establishment the next business day. It is then up to the establishment to allocate the funds to your recipient.

How Secure is Secure Payment Services?

Secure Payment Services is very secure. Payments are processed automatically by sophisticated software and Unilink do not store any of your credit/debit card details.

Unilink Software Ltd operators of Secure Payment Services, follow PCI compliance requirements and all the correct procedures required by law. Our payment gateway is certified as meeting Level 1 of the PCI DSS compliance criteria, which is the highest level of compliance available and is the same levels of data security of the biggest banks in the world.

What are the costs?

In order to provide this service, there are a number of costs involved that we must cover, these are laid out below.

  • Processing Fee: 4% + $0.65
  • Card Payment Fees: 0.77% of total amount
  • Transfer Fee: $0.36

So, for example, to send $10.00 the total amount payable would be $11.50:
$10.00 amount + 4% (processing fee) = $10.40
$10.40 + $0.65 (processing fixed fee) = $11.05
$11.05 + 0.77% (card payment percentage fee) = $0.09 + $11.05 = $11.14
$11.14 + $0.36 (transfer fee) = $11.50

Why is the website not displaying correctly?

Some software that you may have on your device may cause issues with the website e.g. VPN, IP address blocking, cookies and cache.

If you are experiencing problems with the website, it may be because your device has picked up cookies and/or cache which can cause the website not to function to the best of its ability.

Please ensure that your antivirus software or any other software you may have on your device is not blocking the website.

Please remove your cookies and/or cache from your device.

Alternatively, you may wish to try on alternative device.

Why was my payment not taken?

Please check the following if your payment does not go through and shows as incomplete:

  1. Ensure there are sufficient funds in your bank account.
  2. You are using a MasterCard or VISA card issued by your bank. Prepaid cards or EFTPOS cards will not be accepted.
  3. Please enter the name exactly as it is written on the card when it asks you for the cardholder’s name.
  4. Ensure the card number, dates and security digits (CVV) from your card are correctly entered.
  5. 3D Secure, also known as Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode is initiated on the website, a box will appear from your bank asking you to enter a one-time code (OTP) onto the website (this code may be called something different depending on your bank). If you are experiencing issues with point this you will need to contact your bank to seek further assistance.